Why is reading so good for your brain?

Some people feel that all they are reading are Instagram posts and news in tweet form. But according to new research reading has many benefits on your brain, from boosting your memory to improving your writing skills. So why is reading so good for your brain? Here are 5 incredible benefits from reading every day.

1. Reduces Stress

Snuggling up with a good book transports you to a whole other world, a world of imagination away from your worries, reducing stress and immediately calming you down. A study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. Reading is the ultimate key to reducing your everyday worries and waking up nice and energized for a new day!

2. Helps you sleep!

There’s nothing better than falling asleep having read a good book. Reading is like a sleeping pill except it’s way better, because it’s jam- packed with entertainment on every turn of a page. Reading doesn’t only help you sleep but it improves your overall sleep quality. Since it’s relaxing and de-stressing, reading every night before bed can lead to a deep and restful sleep.

3. You become better and more empathetic person

Reading about different people with different races, completely different lives, who live or lived in different circumstances from you can make it easier for you to understand and relate to those who are unique from you, making you more empathetic. Books were written to inspire us and teach us about those before us or take us to a wonderful new world of imagination. Some books have the power to change who we are for the better and possibly even change our mind and outlook completely.

4. Expands your vocabulary and improves your writing skills!

 The more books you read, the more your vocabulary improves. Language is such a wonderful tool with so many fantastic words and phrases to express ourselves. People who are able to use their language skilfully, have a wide range of descriptive vocabulary. Many people that read books always capture the imagination and admiration of others around them. The ability to inspire and fluently speak to people, paves the way to leadership roles, promotions, and many more amazing things. Having a great vocabulary is linked with improving your writing skills. People who read a lot, especially well written articles and long books tend to absorb different writing styles and improve their own skills at the same time, because when they read, they are subconsciously influenced by the amazing words written all over a single page.

5. Boosts memory

When you read your brain is doing more than just deciphering the words on a page. In order to follow a plot your brain must work hard to remember all the tiny details, which is also good practise for your brain when it comes to exams. Reading also slows mental decline by improving overall mental flexibility, an important part of developing and retaining your memory.

Remember to read at least 3 books a week and stay tuned for more weekly posts and updates 🙂

Stay Bright and Happy!

xoxo – The Sunshine Blogger

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