20 Things to do Right now to improve your anxiety

  1. Take a nice lukewarm shower for 2 minutes or sit in the bath and just let it all out.
  2. Just put on some music that gets you going and just dance like no one is watching
  3. Just BREATHE, LONG, DEEP Breaths
  4. Eat Healthy! Eating healthily makes you feel happier and more ALIVE.
  5. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken- Oscar Wilde. Just be yourself, let your positive energy flow to people.
  6. Get some VITAMIN D in ya! Go out and enjoy the sunshine, take in that beautiful fresh air and you’ll feel like yourself again!
  7. Write everything down. Nothing fancy, just a book or a paper and a pencil, that’s all you need. If you really want to let everything go, then write it down. Let your negativity GO!
  8. Say some nice things about yourself instead of focusing on the negatives.
  9. Get unplugged. Turn off your phone, tablet, device and do things that don’t put you in front of your screen.
  10. Snuggle up with a good book and sit on your bed in an empty room and just block out all the noise and negativity.
  11. Make a list of goals, and focus on them, don’t chuck them out, and DEFINITELY DON’T give up. Put them somewhere you always go: Your bedroom, on your mirror, workplace,
  12. Do something kind for someone.
  13. Be SELFISH for the day. Do something for you, take care of yourself for a bit.
  14. Set yourself a craft project, something simple, not too difficult – you’ll feel amazing once it’s completed.
  15. Make a list of things you are grateful for.
  16. Listen to calming music
  17. Fix something or recycle in the house that’s been nagging you so it isn’t in the back of your mind.
  18. Set yourself a goal to learn a new skill like, photography, baking, calligraphy etc.
  19. Do some puzzles.
  20. Do something you know you’re already good at and give yourself a confidence boost.

Things to remember: You are enough, you are worth it, you are beautiful/handsome, you are valuable, you are seen, you are capable and you are amazing!

Stay Bright and Happy! Come back to see more posts and updates:)

xoxo – The Sunshine Blogger

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