10 Songs To Get You Going When You Are Feeling Down

Sometimes all you need is music to get you going. Musics takes your mind to a whole different world. Songs to get you going when you’re down, songs that say everything you want to when you can’t say a word.

It’s been proven that music can relieve anxiety and reduce pain. Which doesn’t surprise me at all because music is the one thing that never fails to change my mood.

Here are my top 15 songs to get you going when you’re down, they help me to get through days when I’m really lazy and also while I work; Hopefully they’ll help you too!

If you have a Spotify account, feel free to follow the full playlist!


So these may not technically be songs, but I figured these were worth mentioning… This music is so calm and soft, you feel like sleeping when listening to it. They may not have any words, but to me it feels like they are telling me a thousand.


Make sure you give these playlists a listen, they are truly heartwarming and help you to get going when you are feeling down…

Stay Bright and Happy!

xoxo – The Sunshine Blogger

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