Autumn/Summer Bucket Listing

You’ve probably seen people talking about their bucket list ideas on social media or even on blogs like mine, but what is a bucket list? Put it this way~ a bucket list is a set of experiences or challenges that someone wants to have/do before they “kick the bucket.”

This might seem a little crazy, but it’s actually really great to have a bucket list! They motivate you to learn about how you can make those dreams possible. Bucket lists also help you think about what you actually want out of your life, but in saying that, things on your bucket list don’t have to be boring, make them out of this world and totally bizarre! Sometimes these things can be life-long dreams or even things you can do in a day or week.

If you need a little help getting started on your own bucket list, take a look at some of the amazing goals I’ve outlined below. Just give it a go and kick your bucket!!!

Bucket List ideas!

• Become fluent in a new language

• Find a job you love

• Take an archery class

• Try to learn a martial art

• Wake up to see the sunrise every day for a week, then make yourself hot cocoa!

• Adopt a rescue animal

• Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

• Go on a week-long cruise

• Swim under a waterfall

• Learn how to code

• Go to three places you have always dreamed of visiting

• Learn how to play an instrument

• Try a sport you have never done before

• Visit at least three out of the seven new Wonders of the World

• Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

• Cook a big meal for your family

• Take a 2 week-long vacation (for work)

• Start a business or side gig for something you are passionate about

• Support a cause that’s important to you through donations or volunteering

Personal Development Bucket List Ideas!

• Identify your weaknesses

• Compliment a coworker every day on the good work they are doing

• Have pride in yourself and value your contributions

• Set a good example for those you mentor/teach

• Learn how to negotiate workplace conflicts/arguments

• Learn something new about your industry/job every day

• Take more risks and try out-of-the-box ideas

• Figure out your personal brand or style

I hope you have great fun creating an entirely new and unique bucket list, feel free to use some of mine!

Always remember you can do anything if you try and believe you can!!! Stay Bright and Happy!

xoxo- The Sunshine Blogger

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