Self Confindence

We’ve all heard people say “fake it ’till you make it” and while it is a bit cringy, it does and can work, especially if you are struggling to find your self-confidence.

But, how do you appear more confident? Try these self confident tips


Your posture says a lot about your confidence. If you’re slumped and your head is down, it shows that you’re not confident, but instead sit or stand up straight with your chin slightly raised and your shoulders back, and you’ll instantly look and feel more powerful and confident in yourself.


This is something I find helps a lot of people, and I have heard it really works for some.

Look at people you feel are really confident and take notes in your mind! What is their body language doing? Do they smile? Do they give and receive eye contact? 

Learn from their behaviour and try to incorporate what makes these people appear confident into your own approach, you’ll instantly feel more confident.


Try your best to let go of words like “just”, “I don’t think/I think” and “erm or umm” from your conversations. Be more decisive with your words. Replace “I think we should…” with “We should…” or “Sorry for being late…” with “Thank you for being patient…”. Don’t forget to speak slowly and clearly, so everyone can understand.

Practice it in the mirror and see how much more confident you seem when you are more sure of yourself… even if you’re really not yet!


Remember how confident you feel when you’re doing something you know that you are good at and love, even if it’s a hobby. Take that feeling and put it into every situation. Imagine you really know what you’re doing.

I do this with everything, if I don’t know something, I imagine that I’m doing something I love and I instantly love what I am doing. Talking to people will become much better!


You can also boost your confidence by starting with achieving small goals first, then start to achieve harder goals over time. Make a list of small, easy to manage goals that you know you will be able to do and cross them off as you complete them. It will make you feel useful and good about yourself!

If you find yourself thinking negatively a lot, replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Replace “I’m not going to have a good time.” with “I can have a good time if I try to.” or “I look bad” with “I have a great smile/I like my style/I look really great today”. Make it your mission to find something good in every situation.

Congratulate yourself on your small achievements, just as much as you would your bigger achievements.

Remind yourself of times when you conquered a fear.

Say nice things to yourself in the mirror every day. I like to smile at myself in the mornings, it makes me feel more positive even if I’m so tired and not looking forward to whatever the day has in store for me. A quick smile in the mirror and thinking of one nice thing about myself is a quick fix to feeling a bit more positive about the day and myself.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and learnt something that you can do to improve your confidence!

Stay Bright and Happy!

xoxo- The Sunshine Blogger

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