4 Ways To Reduce Stress When You Have No Time!

Meditation, deep breaths and other calming exercises are all well and good when you have lots of time but sometimes you need to reduce stress right there on the spot, in the supermarket, at work or even in the car. You can hardly get out a yoga mat and start meditating in the middle of the office, you’d look a bit crazy and get a few stares doing your muscle stretches in the checkout at Woolies, which definitely wouldn’t help your stress and anxiety much!

So here are some quick ways to reduce your stress when you have no time!

Remember something funny/positive that happened to you!

Even if I’m in an absolute mood, I can’t stay in it for long especially if something hilarious happens. Sometimes, to get out of feeling down or stressed, I’ll watch something funny or positive, or if I don’t have those at hand, I replay them in my head.

Try and think of something that made you smile or laugh and focus on it until you feel better.

Rethink and Write it down!

Ask yourself in your head if there’s actually any evidence to support your anxiety or stress at the moment, and if there is, what’s the worst that can actually happen? Try and rethink your actions and tell yourself it is going to be ok. Make sure you also write down what you did and how it helped so if you have a problem like it again, then you will know how to deal with it and feel much calmer!

Take a Break!

If you’re able to and the situation allows for it like if you’re at work or at a party, take a quick toilet break, drink some water and breathe a few deep breaths. Sometimes if I’m in a situation and my head is all of the place, I like to take a breather, count in my head, do all the things mentioned above and return with a fresh head. It can help just to get a bit of clarity and return a little less overwhelmed.


In your head try counting and taking deep breaths at the same time. Mix it up so you’re having to concentrate on the counting, so count to 5 the first time you take a deep breath, then count to 10 etc.

I hope you liked this post and these tips help you to calm yourself down, make sure to come back here for more posts just like this one!!

xoxo-The Sunshine Blogger

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