How To Kickstart Your 2022!

Happy New Year Friends! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and celebrated the start of 2022 in style. Finally! A new year, new start, new chapter, more challenges and of course more ways to take care of your mental health in 2022! Here are some challenges for every day of the week to help kickstart 2022!

๐•„๐• ๐•Ÿ๐••๐•’๐•ช

  • Write in a gratitude journal โ–ก
  • Compliment your body โ–ก
  • Perform a random act of kindness โ–ก
  • Build in a minute of stillness โ–ก
  • Relax. Bath, Nap or Walk. โ–ก
  • Breath. In and out, 20 times, slowly. โ–ก
  • Do yoga for 15 minutes โ–ก


  • Go to your happy place โ–ก
  • Take your negativity write it down, rip it up and chuck it in the bin! โ–ก
  • Visit a friends house โ–ก
  • Listen to music while you work โ–ก
  • Tackle a big project: Redecorate room or Reorganise garage โ–ก
  • Eat your favourite meal โ–ก
  • Paint or Draw something โ–ก
  • Learn a new skill โ–ก


  • Go outside and get some Vitamin D! โ–ก
  • Stay a few hours off your phone or device โ–ก
  • Read a book โ–ก
  • Talk to an old friend โ–ก
  • Learn something you never knew before โ–ก
  • Go to the nearest gym to your house โ–ก
  • Go for a walk in the neighbourhood โ–ก


  • Have a chat with the neighbours โ–ก
  • Create a cleaning schedule you know you’ll stick with โ–ก
  • Cook something new โ–ก
  • Stay hydrated โ–ก
  • Join a club or take up a hobby โ–ก
  • Try a brain exercise โ–ก
  • Become a plant owner โ–ก


  • Volunteer regularly โ–ก
  • Try a cardio workout โ–ก
  • Redo an old artwork โ–ก
  • Recreate an old photo โ–ก
  • Chat with friends over dinner โ–ก
  • Upcycle your wardrobe โ–ก
  • Give yourself a new look โ–ก
  • Take some time to try some new outfits โ–ก


  • Write to yourself โ–ก
  • Make your bed โ–ก
  • Read the news โ–ก
  • Eat more citrusy fruit โ–ก
  • Take more trips โ–ก
  • Get artsy! โ–ก
  • Make your home more fragrant โ–ก


  • Look at some old family photos โ–ก
  • Watch a funny video โ–ก
  • Spend time with your pet โ–ก
  • Try learning a new language โ–ก
  • Cut the grass โ–ก
  • Start a blog โ–ก
  • Make a video to yourself in the future โ–ก
  • Try writing a story โ–ก
  • Write a “Next week I will…” and keep it somewhere you will always look โ–ก

Take it slow and steady, you don’t need to try all these things, but if you do try them make sure to comment down below! Come back here for more posts like these!

xoxo- The Sunshine Blogger:)

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