Drawing For Mental Health

Art is like a key to unlocking one’s mind. Even though you may be highly skilled or even just starting the basics, everyone’s art shows their emotions, whether they are angry or happy or even in mixed emotions, but what matters when you do art is that you try, and never give up. Here are some “artistic secrets” I will let you in on, so you too can start your art journey!


Doing art may not be for everyone, but everyone CAN do it. “Art” is not as tightly defined as the majority of people seems to think it is. Most people say, “I can’t draw.” The secret is, they can. Of course, not all of us can draw like Da Vinci, but lots of people can draw a lot better than they think they can, especially if you draw from the heart.


When you are non-judgmental and open up your definition of what a “good drawing” is, drawing can be a very calming activity especially if you are anxious sometimes and don’t like to talk to others. So how about it? Would you be willing to try some very simple art exercises and see whether or not they have a positive impact on your mood? As long as you can hold a pen, you can do it right.


Everyone is an artist in their own way, even you! Sometimes all we need is some help getting our fears to step aside before we bravely try something new, maybe keeping an art journal would be something you’d like. Now let’s do some art exercises for relaxation!


Drawing Supplies: You can draw with whatever you’ve got at home- a pen or pencil and plain white paper work just fine. If you already have a journal with you, go ahead and practice in that.

Drawing Exercise #1: Drawing Lines

This exercise is really helpful and simple when you are feeling uninspired or unfocused, give yourself permission to go as fast or as slow as you need, you are in control of your movement.

Drawing Exercise #2: Drawing Circles

This exercise is not to be controlled, draw circles wherever your hand takes you. Once you master small circles, try drawing bigger circles and over lap them. Then try to draw an image with them, for example a simple flower.

Drawing Exercise #3: Drawing Scribbles

This exercise is carefree, allow

your emotions to flow onto the page, and slowly breathe as you do so. Work from left to right, and once you are finished look at the difference from the left side to the right, amazing right?

I hope these exercises and tips helped you a lot if so make sure to comment down below how you went, and make sure come back here for more tips and tricks to manage your mental health!

xoxo- The Sunshine Blogger:)

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