– My First Short Story –

Hey ✨Sunshines!✨ Here’s my very first short story, just for you!

Like a poppy, wild and free

The wind whispered secrets into the trees, which danced when they heard them. The clouds sat like big pillows that filled the sky, a blue colour, as deep as the ocean. Olive sat at the cold, grimy windowpane, watching as tiny, unsettled rain drops fell onto it. Her skin shimmered like bright stars in the night-time, her eyes were the perfect shade of olive-green and lips looked like freshly picked roses. As her fingers brushed back her brunette hair, she looked around her bedroom, that she thought of as a jail cell that she was stuck in, all alone. Olive wanted to escape, but she could not do it since she was soon to be a queen. She didn’t want to guide a kingdom. She had dreams of her own… she wanted to explore the world, but her wicked mother wanted to hear nothing of it. It was time she had made her own decisions…

Olive leapt off the windowsill and ran to her closet. She had hidden some of her father’s clothes in there. Her father loved poppies. Her memories of him had almost slipped away when her mother burnt everything of his. She had managed to save some of his clothes and a picture. He had died fighting, and now Olive was going to fight too; fight for her freedom. But to do that, she would need to disguise herself as something…unimaginable, something…unexpected, something utterly wild. She gently slipped on a shirt and quickly pulled on a pair of shorts when she heard her mother calling. Picking up all her belongings, she jumped onto her tidy bed. This was it. She slid open her window and cleared her runway. One, two, three…

Olive jumped. Her suitcase full of clothes and pictures flowing behind her, she landed on a dusty, old mattress that had been lying outside. She was fearless. Her beautiful brown hair had untied, and she took a moment to fix it up. Just then, she heard her mother calling again, she ran as fast as she could, soon finding herself amid the woods. She called out, only to hear her own voice echoing at her. She started to shiver, and the weight of her suitcase caused her to fall into a deep slumber. She awoke to find herself tied up against a tree. In front of her sat a boy, about the same age as her, with brown eyes and chestnut hair, although he was not facing her. So, when he turned around, she was shocked to see how handsome he was. She immediately fell in love with her captor, Dylan. When he questioned her, all she could do was stare into his deep brown eyes. Dylan soon untied Olive, and she fell into his arms. Gently, lifting her eyes up to meet his, they stood there for a moment, embracing each other’s company, they decided to runaway together. She could finally make her own decisions and live like a poppy; wild and free.

Hope you liked it! If you did, make sure to comment down below. You can also comment any writing pieces or books you’ve read too, I’d love to read them or post about them right here!

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xoxo – The Sunshine Blogger 🤗🤗

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