It’s H2 Woah!💧

Hey ✨Sunshines!✨

Today we are going to talk H2O🥤. Even though we may not notice, it’s all around us, we are constantly using it, drinking it, washing ourselves with it. But why is it so important for our mental health?

Our bodies are made of 60% of water, and it always needs that extra bit of rehydrating. When we drink water, automatically the fluids travel to all parts of our body so that it can help digest food and do other such tasks so our bodies don’t need to work TOO hard. Water often calms our bodies down and maintains our body temperature, so if we drink enough water each day, we’ll be left feeling happy & healthy every day!

Water is great and all, but how do you know how much to drink? It’s simple and easy. Just click below and fill in the details, then the calculator will give you great advice on the next steps to take. *

*this is not one of my posts, this is from a website called “Hydration for Health.” If you like their post that I have linked above, make sure to go check out the rest of their website!

Make sure you stay hydrated and download this check sheet to keep track!💧🥤

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xoxo- The Sunshine Blogger 🌞

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