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Hi, I’m Joell, I’m the voice, creator and author behind The Sunshine Blogger. Covid 19 fell on all of us like boulder, we were trapped in our houses and when I felt no hope that this horrible pandemic would ever end, I came across an idea to start a blog. At first, all I knew that a blog was somewhere where you post stuff about your passions or what you like, but as I learnt more and more, I felt this was my chance to contribute in making a change in the world. My aim in this blog is to INSPIRE others and CREATE a safe space and a sense of optimism around mental health, so people can be unashamed of their own existence. Everyone should be able to express who they are and dream the impossible.


Positivity is something that is not just given, it’s received, because just like happiness we have it inside all of us, and I want to help others bring that out of themselves.

Helping You Thrive!

Just like everyone else I want to thrive in everything I do, my learning, my goals and I also want to help you thrive too!

Be The Best You!

Being the best you takes time, patience and a lot of courage. Sometimes that “best you” is hiding behind a mask, but not matter what remember you’re beautiful just the way you are!

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Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can!

-Arthur Ashe