Drawing For Mental Health

Art is like a key to unlocking one’s mind. Even though you may be highly skilled or even just starting the basics, everyone’s art shows their emotions, whether they are angry or happy or even in mixed emotions, but what matters when you do art is that you try, and never give up. Here areContinue reading “Drawing For Mental Health”

How To Kickstart Your 2022!

Happy New Year Friends! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and celebrated the start of 2022 in style. Finally! A new year, new start, new chapter, more challenges and of course more ways to take care of your mental health in 2022! Here are some challenges for every day of the week to help kickstartContinue reading “How To Kickstart Your 2022!”


TIP 1: REPHRASE THE WORD “NO” I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us hate saying the word “no” despite how necessary it can be in certain situations and when we REALLY need it. Taking everything on and agreeing to everything because you’re afraid to tell people no can put a hugeContinue reading “HOW MANAGE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH AT CHRISTMAS TIME”

Just Be You.

This is a short poem I wrote about being what you want to be and nothing else~ “Just Be You. You can do anything they want you to do. You can turn down your voice and follow their dreams, but in the end, that just wouldn’t be you. They say you’re an imperfect reflection ofContinue reading “Just Be You.”

10 Habits To Practice For Good Mental Health

Everyone has mental health, whether it’s a good mental health or bad, or even somewhere in between there. But whatever mental health we have our mental health needs looking after, just like our physical health. Sometimes taking care of our mental health is hard, and I get it, but you need to try. In the sameContinue reading “10 Habits To Practice For Good Mental Health”

The Best Cure for Stress & Anxiety

The best cure for your stress and anxiety is the support of your family and friends, yes sometimes they are annoying and get on your nerves, but they are here to support you and your journey in coping. I know from my experiences that my family and friends are here to support me no matterContinue reading “The Best Cure for Stress & Anxiety”

20 Things to do Right now to improve your anxiety

Take a nice lukewarm shower for 2 minutes or sit in the bath and just let it all out. Just put on some music that gets you going and just dance like no one is watching Just BREATHE, LONG, DEEP Breaths Eat Healthy! Eating healthily makes you feel happier and more ALIVE. Be yourself, everyoneContinue reading “20 Things to do Right now to improve your anxiety”