TIP 1: REPHRASE THE WORD “NO” I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us hate saying the word “no” despite how necessary it can be in certain situations and when we REALLY need it. Taking everything on and agreeing to everything because you’re afraid to tell people no can put a hugeContinue reading “HOW MANAGE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH AT CHRISTMAS TIME”

10 Habits To Practice For Good Mental Health

Everyone has mental health, whether it’s a good mental health or bad, or even somewhere in between there. But whatever mental health we have our mental health needs looking after, just like our physical health. Sometimes taking care of our mental health is hard, and I get it, but you need to try. In the sameContinue reading “10 Habits To Practice For Good Mental Health”

10 Songs To Get You Going When You Are Feeling Down

Sometimes all you need is music to get you going. Musics takes your mind to a whole different world. Songs to get you going when you’re down, songs that say everything you want to when you can’t say a word. It’s been proven that music can relieve anxiety and reduce pain. Which doesn’t surprise me atContinue reading “10 Songs To Get You Going When You Are Feeling Down”