It’s H2 Woah!💧

Hey ✨Sunshines!✨ Today we are going to talk H2O🥤. Even though we may not notice, it’s all around us, we are constantly using it, drinking it, washing ourselves with it. But why is it so important for our mental health? Our bodies are made of 60% of water, and it always needs that extra bitContinue reading “It’s H2 Woah!💧”

– My First Recipe –

Welcome back my ✨Sunshines!✨ After a long day at school or at work, usually all you need is something to treat yourself and your mind of course, right? But, it needs to be enjoyable too. What about my… 🫐🧀BRILLIANT BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE!🧀🫐 Serving Size: Serves 6-8 Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 1 hr Rating: Ingredients:Continue reading “– My First Recipe –”

– My First Short Story –

Hey ✨Sunshines!✨ Here’s my very first short story, just for you! Like a poppy, wild and free The wind whispered secrets into the trees, which danced when they heard them. The clouds sat like big pillows that filled the sky, a blue colour, as deep as the ocean. Olive sat at the cold, grimy windowpane,Continue reading “– My First Short Story –”

I’m Back! 🏃‍♀️

Hello and welcome back my ✨Sunshines!✨ I know it’s been a while so… I wanted to bring you some more encouraging posts to brighten up your day! But I do wan’t to make some changes too… I wan’t to let you know that all my posts are still going to be about YOUR mental health,Continue reading “I’m Back! 🏃‍♀️”


TIP 1: REPHRASE THE WORD “NO” I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us hate saying the word “no” despite how necessary it can be in certain situations and when we REALLY need it. Taking everything on and agreeing to everything because you’re afraid to tell people no can put a hugeContinue reading “HOW MANAGE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH AT CHRISTMAS TIME”

4 Ways To Reduce Stress When You Have No Time!

Meditation, deep breaths and other calming exercises are all well and good when you have lots of time but sometimes you need to reduce stress right there on the spot, in the supermarket, at work or even in the car. You can hardly get out a yoga mat and start meditating in the middle ofContinue reading “4 Ways To Reduce Stress When You Have No Time!”

Self Confindence

We’ve all heard people say “fake it ’till you make it” and while it is a bit cringy, it does and can work, especially if you are struggling to find your self-confidence. But, how do you appear more confident? Try these self confident tips… POSTURE Your posture says a lot about your confidence. If you’re slumped and your head is down,Continue reading “Self Confindence”

7 Hobbies That Are Good For Your Mental Health

It’s amazing to have a hobby, something you can make progress with, learn from and be great at, but I want to address hobbies that are good for your mental health. Sometimes hobbies that are good for our mental health can relax us after long days of hard work or they can even bring usContinue reading “7 Hobbies That Are Good For Your Mental Health”

20 Most Inspirational Quotes of All Time

On Pinterest, Twitter and other similar sites, we tend to come across a lot of quotes made to motivate or inspire us in some way, usually most of those somehow relate to us. Words can be found for a range of emotions, traits, and life events, but some quotes are just universal pieces of wisdom that just seemContinue reading “20 Most Inspirational Quotes of All Time”