– My First Short Story –

Hey ✨Sunshines!✨ Here’s my very first short story, just for you! Like a poppy, wild and free The wind whispered secrets into the trees, which danced when they heard them. The clouds sat like big pillows that filled the sky, a blue colour, as deep as the ocean. Olive sat at the cold, grimy windowpane,Continue reading “– My First Short Story –”

I’m Back! 🏃‍♀️

Hello and welcome back my ✨Sunshines!✨ I know it’s been a while so… I wanted to bring you some more encouraging posts to brighten up your day! But I do wan’t to make some changes too… I wan’t to let you know that all my posts are still going to be about YOUR mental health,Continue reading “I’m Back! 🏃‍♀️”

Bullying and it’s negative effects on the brain

Bullying is not just harmless fun. Bullying happens when someone thinks they have more power than someone else. Bullying can affect physical mental and emotional health. It can lead to physical injuries, social and emotional problems, and possibly even death. Those who are bullied are at increased risk for mental health problems. Bullying also can causeContinue reading “Bullying and it’s negative effects on the brain”